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Product standards :   GB/T 9567-2016

Purity 99.50%
Moisture content 0.10%
Ash content 0.03%
Formaldehyde Solubility 20
China-clay turbidlity degree 20


Adhesives and Flame retardant: amino resins, used for laminate and board adhesives, replacing urea-formaldehyde resin (reducing formaldehyde emission), for medium, high, low plywood production, for furniture panels.It is used for fire door of fire prevention board of vehicle, ship, train and aviation equipment.

Surface coating: used for paper, fiber, wood, metal surface coating, and butanol etherification into amino coatings.Used for color protection, waterproofing and anti-chemical coating.Used for household appliances, automobiles, and paper moisture resistance (for COINS, bills, etc.).

Molded plastic: melamine resin, used for pressing tableware, buttons, small tool outer cover machine parts and electrical parts, etc. 

Textile additives: improve cotton fabric and synthetic fiber anti-wrinkle, anti-mildew, moisture-proof;Used for interior decoration and carpet latex crosslinking. 

Packing: 25kg/ pack, 500kg/ pack, 1000KG/ bag.

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